Friday, April 26, 2019


library seminar

At the seminar I learned how to navigate the UWF site and gather information. The more I did research through the UWF I began to realize how little information there was on the dunes past porto. Decided to get information from other sources to help build an understanding of what I planned to create.

3 project questions

What is the best location for a pano of the dunes?
What ships have been sunk around the coast of Pensacola?
How will you develop your piece of art upon building?

Final design before print

Final Project

My final is a panorama of the sand dunes past porto. With different dive locations marked using hue adjustments, and adding text to describes these sunken ship locations. My inspiration is my love for nature and exploring. Through process of creating my final I gathered information from different sites that provided a quick description of each dive site.

Through the process of creating my work of art I discussed with my father different dive site locations. Furthermore I was able to use the resources my father's company have to offer, such as acrylic, vinyl, printers, CNC, and edge finishers. The measurement of my work is 14inches by 58inches. This project will be my design printed on the back of acrylic with sanded edges and a vinyl covered backing to prevent the ink from damaging. Design will be seen as map of grave yard shipwrecks.